Weeknotes 2021 — Week 3

This week my main challenge was to juggle between being a mother and doing my job. I feel like I have done both of these roles in a mediocre way. I t wasmore than the global pandemic, no childcare type of juggling. We are also in a new country, new climate, new routine. My daugther is getting bored with us and need new challenges and we need to keep up with work and find it hard to find activities.

To top it all, this week I am also a secretary, because I am used to work with people in different time zones and my partner is not. Even with every technology on the planet he still fails to check times of meetings. To make things worse, he failed to remember he has a meeting on the only time slot I had a meeting that day. He also assumed I will just take over childcare even though I told him I couldn’t.

I was of course furious. The feminist in me could not take it and he felt awful. This situation however is not unique to me, it happens to many mothers all over the planet, and that feeling of mediocracy that I am feeling hopefully will go away as we are moving into a routine, but for now I have to accept it. And how do we change it? We speak about it. If you felt like me this week, you are not alone.

Things I did this week when I didn’t take care of a 17 months old-

  1. Health Monitor — I am a fan of Atlassian Playbook, which is full of team activities in an agile spitit. I have tried with my team the Health Monitor, a team play aimed to understand success and challenges of the team. I think it was OK, but it doesn’t always reflect data teams and we needed to do some adjustments. We will try again in three months to see if this is for us or not.
  2. How do you evaluate a campaign? Our team at Parkinson’s UK is busy evaluating the latest Parkinson’s UK integerated Campaign and TV ad. HOWEVER, we know that it’s hard, and almost impossible, to evaluate effectiveness of advertisment. We are now also trying to use natural language processing to see how people on the internet found our campaign, but it’s also not the full picture. Any tips on the topic are welcome.
  3. How do you prioritise work? I spent a lot of time this week pondering how to streamline our work and make sure we work on the most imporant things first. We are going to look at this closer next week, and this week I made planning to these sessions. Will share more about it next week.

Heads up!

The Data Collective has a new website! Check it out!

Things I need to do

Open Heroines celebrated its 5th birthday this week, and I had not had the time or mental capacity to celebrate it propoerly. I hope I will find time to write about this amazing community and how we are moving forward.

Until next week



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Mor Rubinstein

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